Ainicia Group is a total new combined group company in early of 2013, it is located in Sanxiang Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China.

  It involves different industries, including bath&kitchen, electronics, textiles, the products are shower room/shower encourse,bathroom accesories,household metal & plastic products, household electronic scales(bathroom scale/kitchen scale/luggage scale/pocket scale/baby scale etc), mini torches, power bank and textile accessories(caps, hats, gloves, travel bags,etc). 

  Ainicia Group is combined of three factories,which is Aini-Bath&Kitchen, Aini-Electronic and Aini-Textiles. Every factory has over ten years expeirence for processing in different worlds, but before, their selling was mainly through trading company only, the development was limited. In order to have better future, four ambitious men come together, then we have Ainicia and it will have own sales directly to handle all business from over the world. We will build a competitive new star group. 

  OEM or ODM projects are welcome!

  • Member 1: Aini-Bath&Kitchen

    Aini-Bath&kitchen has 15 years experience to handle all kinds of metal & plastic products. It has cutting, punching, polishing, molding, injection, screw making etc workshops, with many ...[More]

  • Member 2: Aini-Scale(Paibon)

    Aini-Scale(Paibon) has 13 years experience to handle all kinds of household scales. Now all the metal and plastic parts are made from our group factories, so its main fun...[More]

  • Member 3: Aini-Textiles

    Aini-Textiles has 10 years experience to handle all kinds of caps and hats. We have around 100 skillful workers to work here happily. They are experienced to sewing all kinds of special caps and...[More]

  • Member 4: Aimowa Luggage Factory

    Aimowa Luggage Factory is a professional aluminium luggage manufacturer, it is with over 20 years experience to handle unibody design aluminium suitcase. Now it focus on aluminium luggage only. T...[More]